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VIDEO: Altrincham runner beats frostbite to conquer the Greater Manchester Marathon

Greater Manchester Marathon winner Dave Norman

ALTRINCHAM runner, Dave Norman has told how he beat frostbite just in time to conquer the Greater Manchester Marathon, writes Jenni Hill.

It’s not the first time he has won the race, he succeeded in coming first last year too, pipping long-time leader Andi Jones to the finish line on both occasions.

But this year’s win came as a surprise to the Altrincham and District Athletics Club runner,  just weeks ago he suffered from frostbite after a race at Knowsley Safari Park.

The 34-year-old said: “When I started the Knowsley race, I couldn’t feel my feet at all. My feet were so numb, they were completely locked up.”

It was only when he got back to his car that Dave realised the severity of his injury.

“My feet felt like they were burning up underneath the arch, they felt like they were on fire.

“I took the socks off and was horrified to see that underneath both feet there was a big deep hole with a lot of flesh exposed.”

After seeking advice from medical staff Dave tried to limp back to his car to drive himself to hospital.

It was then that a Knowsley Safari Park security vehicle picked him up and took him to A&E.

After spending several hours in hospital he was advised to rest for 2 weeks and to dress his wounds.

“I wanted to get back into training as soon as possible, with the aim of defending my Manchester marathon title next month. It took me two-and-a half weeks before I could run in a pair of trainers.

“I honestly did not expect to win that today. Obviously Andi has got a marathon PB that is three minutes faster than mine so he was always the favourite.

“I can’t believe it. I’m over the moon.”

Dave thanked his brother Andy and housemate, Ben Riddell for being his pacemakers throughout the run and for ensuring that he maintained the correct speed.

Dave Norman and Andi Jones dominated the men’s field with Dave taking over Andi at mile 24.

He crossed the finish line at 02:20:19, more than four and a half minutes faster than in 2012, with Andi Jones following just over two minutes later.

Both runners shook hands and congratulated each other after the race.


More than 6000 people took part in the marathon which started by White City Retail Park in Trafford Park and ended at the Old Trafford stadium nearby.

Thousands of pounds is thought to have been raised for a number of charities.
The race was started by athletics legend Ron Hill MBE and Steve Kenyon, the quickest ever finisher of a Manchester Marathon.
Respect was paid to the victims of the Boston Marathon with a 26 second silence followed by a 26 second round of applause just before 9am.
Simon Hill, Race Director of the Greater Manchester Marathon, commented: “The Greater Manchester Marathon 2013 has been a huge success, and I would like to express a big thank you to everyone who has supported and embraced the race.”

This is what Dave Norman had to say at about his win

You can read the Dave’s Runner’s Life marathon report here

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